Genero Launches Sales of Acquia DAM for Enhanced Digital Asset Management

16 November, 2023
CNET Japan

Genero Co., Ltd., based in Ota-ku, Tokyo, has officially commenced the sales of Acquia DAM, the digital asset management solution provided by Acquia. The integration of Acquia DAM with Genero's Drupal-based Kamihaya CMS distribution, through API collaboration, allows for seamless utilization of DAM in conjunction with the CMS distribution. In a rapidly progressing Japanese market focusing on digital experience (DX), companies are increasingly investing in digital marketing. The need for efficient digital asset management (DAM) is growing to facilitate swift content production and distribution, especially in handling essential creative assets like images and videos.

Acquia DAM, widely adopted by numerous global brands, offers core functionality for centralized and structured management of various digital assets, including images, videos, PDFs, documents, and product catalog data. The solution incorporates features such as a portal function for sharing assets across departments, teams, and agencies, as well as an analysis function to visualize asset usage. Leveraging generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and Clarifai, Acquia DAM can automatically add metadata to images, suggest image processing functions, and enhance overall creative management efficiency.

Genero specializes in linking with open-source CMS and multi-functional multilingual systems, notably Drupal. The company released the Kamihaya CMS distribution on August 31, 2023, providing a template for rapid DXP implementation. Kamihaya CMS distribution facilitates API integration with various tools and allows for the easy introduction of components complying with Digital Agency-defined design systems. The latest release, KamihayaCMS v1.4.0, launched on November 2, 2023, further enhances user experience with API collaboration with Acquia DAM. The collaboration aims to address the challenges of managing vast digital assets and accelerate the adoption of digital asset management solutions in response to the evolving landscape of digital transformation (DX).

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