Acquia Drives Digital Transformation for Nestlé: A Case Study

In Acquia's recent case, the focus is on Nestlé's need to simplify, standardize, and centralize its global digital properties. With thousands of brand sites on various technologies, Nestlé faced challenges in maintenance, updates, and global asset security. The solution came in the form of Drupal, selected by Nestlé for its open-source nature and robust community support. The ease of use, customization capabilities, and cost-effectiveness of Drupal were key factors in Nestlé's decision.

Following the successful implementation of Drupal, Nestlé expanded its digital footprint using Acquia Site Factory. Today, Nestlé relies on Acquia Cloud Platform and Site Factory, with site managers utilizing Acquia Personalization for projects. Remarkably, 90% of Nestlé sites are now built on Drupal, with approximately 60% sharing a common codebase facilitated by Acquia and Acquia Site Factory.

This case study underscores the successful digital transformation achieved by Nestlé through the strategic adoption of Drupal and Acquia's innovative solutions. For more details, you can visit here: Nestlé | Acquia

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