Insights into Automated Testing Strategies for Drupal 10, 9, and 8

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Saranya Ashokumar's D4Drupal video discusses the nuances of automated testing in Drupal, focusing on Drupal 10, Drupal 9, and Drupal 8. The tutorial sheds light on the significance of automated testing to scrutinize the functionality and behavior of Drupal sites utilizing the PHP unit testing framework. Four key testing types are discussed: unit testing, kernel testing, functional testing, and functional JavaScript testing. 

The tutorial outlines the appropriate use cases for each testing type, emphasizing scenarios such as minimal functionality testing, additional feature testing with kernel testing, comprehensive site installation testing with functional testing, and JavaScript-related functionality testing with functional JavaScript testing. While the video doesn't provide concrete examples, it establishes the groundwork for future tutorials to delve into each testing type with practical demonstrations.

Watch the tutorial here.

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