Behat Testing in Drupal: Guide on Passing Arguments and Handling Error Codes


Saranya Ashokumar, in her instructional series on D4Drupal, provides a detailed exploration of passing arguments in custom structures for Behat testing in Drupal 10, 9, and 8. Emphasizing the significance of receiving a 200 status code for requests, she underscores the usage of tokens to achieve this without directly passing the code. 

Notably, she discusses using "doll" code, an alternative to 200 and addresses scenarios where successful testing yields unexpected error codes, such as 44 instead of 200. Furthermore, Ashokumar delves into the differences between error codes 404 and 200, elucidating their respective implications, and provides insights into handling access exceptions within the code, shedding light on the preventive measures necessary to address such scenarios effectively.  

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