Case Study: Drupal's Impact on The International Ophthalmology Portal


Highlighted on on August 11, 2023, is the case study of The International Ophthalmology Portal (IOP), led by Dotsquares Ltd. IOP stands out as an online platform delivering quality lectures on eye-related conditions. Experts share their insights in short, concentrated sessions for an optimized viewer experience.

The move to Drupal 10 with a revamped design for IOP Vision wasn't a random choice but a strategic decision. This decision, rooted in the pursuit of technological advancements, heightened security, improved performance, and an overall enhanced user experience, was made after thoroughly evaluating the website's needs and goals.

The process involved:

  • Setting up Drupal 10.
  • Migrating core functions and content.
  • Adapting custom code to align with Drupal 10's architecture.

The outcome? A fresh, visually appealing design ensures seamless content, user transition, and critical data. For a comprehensive dive into the journey, explore the case study.

Title: IOP Vision
Byline: Dotsquares Ltd. 
Dateline: 11 August 2023
Organization: Dotsquares Ltd.

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