Drupal API Client 1.0 Released: Enhancing Developer Interactions with Drupal APIs

Drupal API Client 1.0 Released: Enhancing Developer Interactions with Drupal APIs

The development team behind the Drupal API Client has announced the release of version 1.0, marking a significant milestone as this version includes a fully functional JSON:API client. This release as mentioned by Brian Perry in his blog post, fulfills their commitment initiated through funding from the 'Pitch-burgh' innovation contest. The Drupal API Client, a suite of JavaScript packages, facilitates interactions with Drupal's APIs, primarily through its JSON:API client but also supports a base API client package and others like the Decoupled Router. Designed to be framework-agnostic, the client can be integrated across various platforms, whether on a server or client-side, and with or without TypeScript.

Recent updates include the publication of extensive documentation on GitLab Pages, featuring live code examples. The team is also seeking community feedback on promoting the API client packages to the Drupal namespace on npm and is refining the 1.x roadmap with an emphasis on TypeScript improvements. Upcoming community engagements include a session at Stanford WebCamp and a Birds of Feather discussion at DrupalCon Portland 2024. For more information and continuous updates, the team encourages participation in their Drupal Slack channel and feedback on their issue queue

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