Adam Bergstein's Drupal 10 Masterclass: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Adam Bergstein's guide, "Drupal 10 Masterclass," has officially hit the shelves. Tailored for beginners, the comprehensive guide covers fundamental concepts such as building, installing, maintaining, and managing content and delves into advanced topics through real-world examples and use cases. In a recent LinkedIn post, Adam expressed gratitude for the year-long effort invested in the book and the excitement of its publication. He hopes the Masterclass provides a valuable resource for newcomers to Drupal, facilitating rapid learning and serving as a refresher for seasoned Drupal community members. Adam extends appreciation to contributors like Michael Herchel and reviewer Rachel Lawson.

In a generous gesture, Adam announced that 25% of the book's proceeds will be contributed to Girls Who Code, emphasizing his commitment to supporting the next generation of leaders in open source. With the release of "Drupal 10 Masterclass," Adam aims to provide tangible benefits to individuals and contribute to the growth of the Drupal community. The book is now available on Amazon, offering insights and opportunities for Drupal enthusiasts and learners.

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