Introducing User One Time Login: Enhancing Drupal Security Practices

 login concept illustration

The "User One Time Login" module, developed by Sergio Lajo on 26 December 2023, presents as an asset for Drupal sites. It provides the capability to lock the login form on a per-user role or individual basis, thereby promoting the use of single sign-on links. This functionality is particularly significant for users with elevated permissions who may eschew the traditional username and password authentication method. 

The module offers a secure alternative for accessing the site without necessitating traditional login credentials by facilitating the generation of unique login links. Following installation, administrators can configure the module to lock the login form for specific user roles through the module configuration interface and individually block user access by checking the "Block login form" checkbox in the user edit form.

The uniqueness of the "User One Time Login" module lies in its ability to restrict user login forms based on user roles or specific users, distinguishing it from similar projects by offering a more tailored and flexible approach to enforcing security policies. Categorized under the security module, "User One Time Login" is a promising addition to the Drupal community, poised to contribute significantly to fortified authentication practices.  

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