DrupalCamp Belgium 2024 to Be Held at Odisee Technology Campus, Ghent

DrupalCamp Belgium poster

DrupalCamp Belgium 2024 will be hosted at Odisee Technologiecampus1 in the vibrant city of Ghent2 on May 10-11. The venue is fully accessible by public transport, making it convenient for attendees to reach. Visitors arriving by plane can easily access Ghent from Brussels Airport via a short train ride to Ghent Sint Pieters station, followed by a brief public transit trip to the venue. Those traveling by car can reach the campus from the E40 or E17 highways, but remember there is only limited parking available onsite. 

In addition to the DrupalCamp event, the website also highlights Ghent's historical significance and vibrant urban life, offering a glimpse into the city's rich cultural heritage and lively spirit. Detailed resources about lodging and transport are available on Visit Gent's tourism site for more information and to plan your visit. Detailed information about the venue, directions to reach it, and modes of transport are provided on the DrupalCamp Belgium 2024 website.

 Furthermore, early bird tickets for the event are still available for purchase. 

  • 1Belgium speaks Flemish Dutch, German, and French. While the local spelling is Technologiecampus, it spells Technology Campus in English.
  • 2Gent in Dutch/German and Gand in French

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