"31 Days of Migrations": A Comprehensive Drupal Education Series

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The "31 Days of Migrations" series, presented by UnderstandDrupal.com, provides an in-depth exploration of Drupal migrations, catering to web developers seeking to enhance their proficiency in this domain. The series offers a comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts and diverse use cases in English. Understanding Drupal is currently diligently translating the series into Spanish and French, aiming to broaden its accessibility.

The series generously sponsored by Agaric, Drupalize.Me, and Centarro cover a spectrum of topics essential to mastering Drupal migrations. Mauricio Dinarte, a seasoned web developer, is the instructor for this educational venture.

Mauricio Dinarte's tutelage includes an array of engaging and topical subjects, such as understanding the ETL process, writing the initial Drupal migration, utilizing process plugins for data transformation, and migrating data into Drupal subfields. Furthermore, the series delves into migrating files, images, taxonomy terms, multivalue fields, users, dates, and addresses, along with an introduction to paragraphs migrations in Drupal. It also navigates the intricacies of migrating CSV, JSON, and XML files into Drupal and managing Drupal migrations as configuration entities with the Migrate Plus module. Debugging Drupal migrations and a comprehensive list of migration-related Drupal modules are also featured.

"31 Days of Migrations" is designed to cater to the needs of web developers aiming to bolster their expertise in Drupal migrations, offering a robust learning platform that is both informative and practical.

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