Understanding Open Source AI & LLMs with Michael Schmid

Mirantis Labs

Michael Schmid, Head of Technology and Co-founder of amazee.io, will deliver a compelling Tech Talk on February 13th, shedding light on the increasingly prevalent integration of Open Source AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) into everyday business operations. This session aims to address the existing confusion surrounding these technologies and offer practical insights into their workings and applications.

The Tech Talk will provide attendees with an overview of the diverse array of AI open-source models available and how pre-trained open-source LLMs differentiate from previous AI methodologies. Moreover, it will dive into the practicalities of running these pre-trained models in Kubernetes environments. Michael Schmid will emphasize real-life examples to illustrate the practical use of open-source AI and LLMs, offering a tangible perspective on the subject matter.

This webinar is a timely opportunity for individuals interested in understanding the potential of Open Source AI and LLMs and their role in shaping the future of AI in open-source development. Interested individuals can register on the event page to reserve a seat for this informative webinar. 

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