We’re a globally distributed team of open source, cloud, Operations, and Kubernetes enthusiasts. Our 24/7 team works to keep our customers’ applications up and running at all times. was born out of our sister company, Amazee Labs. As a global web agency, Amazee tried to find a hosting solution that could meet their developers’ needs… but they couldn’t. So in the end, we built it for them. And was born.

Today, we are much more than just a hosting provider—we’re your end-to-end, complete application delivery platform. When it comes to building our team, location isn’t important, but results are. Our customer-focused approach allows us to support the world’s top brands in modernizing and optimizing their digital strategies.

Our team built our open source application delivery platform specifically for modern Kubernetes-based cloud environments. It supports all major technologies and frameworks, and is fully infrastructure-independent.