London Drupal Meetup: Improving Drupal 7 Migrations


The Children's Society in London is set to host an engaging and informative Drupal Meetup on February 20th, 2024, at 6:30 PM GMT, dedicated to improving migrations from Drupal 7. The event promises sessions that delve into the forefront of web development and content management with Drupal at its core, alongside an exploration of AI chatbots with Flowise, an open-source platform.

The Meetup will start with Noah Santoni leading a discussion on AI chatbots, focusing on integrating Flowise with LLM models and datasets. Participants will uncover how to harness this powerful combination to create intelligent, conversational agents that enhance user engagement and automate site interactions.

Following this, Vincenzo Gambino will delve into the benefits of decoupling Drupal with AstroJS. This segment will illuminate how to leverage Drupal as a content backend while capitalizing on the speed, security, and scalability of AstroJS for the front end. Attendees will gain insights into setting up Drupal to manage content and provide APIs for AstroJS applications, exploring basic web service configurations for Drupal.

Moreover, AstroJS will be employed to construct the front end of web applications. Participants will learn to craft queries to retrieve content using the Drupal API and set up dynamic routes to handle content, facilitating fast and efficient applications.

Whether one is a Drupal enthusiast, a web developer seeking to expand their skill set, or intrigued by the latest web technologies, this Meetup offers an exceptional opportunity to learn, share insights, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Attendees can anticipate gaining insights from industry experts, engaging in discussions, and networking with the vibrant Drupal community in London.

Reservations for this exciting event at The Children's Society are now open. Secure your spot today to participate in this exploration of Drupal and beyond. 

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