Capture the Moment: Win a Free Ticket to DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 with Mercè!

Drupal Mountain Camp announced that Mercè, the spirited mascot of DrupalCon Barcelona 2024, will be gracing the event with its presence. Named after the iconic festival La Mercè, which coincides with DrupalCon Barcelona, Mercè represents the vibrant essence and cultural diversity of Barcelona, infusing the Drupal community with its festive spirit.

Attendees at Drupal Mountain Camp in Davos, Switzerland, will have the exciting opportunity to capture a moment with Mercè and even win a free ticket to DrupalCon Barcelona 2024! To participate, simply spot Mercè at the event, snap a photo, and share it on your Twitter and/or Instagram accounts, ensuring to tag @DrupalConEur and include the hashtag #DrupalConBarcelona. The photo with the most likes will secure a complimentary ticket to the highly anticipated DrupalCon Barcelona 2024.

Don't miss out on this chance to join the Drupal community in Barcelona and experience the magic of DrupalCon firsthand! Get more details on the website.

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