Drupal 7.100 Released: A Maintenance Update

New Release

Drupal 7.100, the latest maintenance release in the Drupal 7 series, is now available. This update primarily focuses on bug fixes and minor API/feature enhancements, with no major, non-backwards-compatible changes introduced. Notably, this release introduces a new core module, the Announcements module.

One significant change is the activation of the Announcements module by default, added to the Standard profile in Drupal 7.100. Users who prefer not to enable this new module should refer to the provided Change Record for guidance.

Additionally, the hash calculation process in user_pass_rehash() has been refined to now separate parameter values in Drupal 7, enhancing security measures. 

It's worth noting that this marks the first Drupal 7 release with three digits, indicating a milestone in the evolution of the platform.

For users considering an upgrade, please be aware that no modifications have been made to .htaccess, web.config, robots.txt, or default.settings.php files in this release, eliminating the need to upgrade custom versions of those files.

Drupal 7 users are encouraged to review the release notes and consider updating to Drupal 7.100 for improved stability and functionality.

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