PHP 8.3.6 and PHP 8.2.18 Released: Security Updates Available

The PHP development team has announced the release of PHP 8.3.6 and PHP 8.2.18, both addressing critical security issues. These updates are immediately available for download.

For PHP 8.3 users, upgrading to version 8.3.6 is strongly recommended to ensure system security. Similarly, PHP 8.2 users are urged to update to version 8.2.18 promptly.

For those interested in downloading the latest versions, source downloads for PHP 8.3.6 and PHP 8.2.18 can be found on the official downloads page. Windows users can access source and binaries via

Detailed information regarding the changes implemented in these releases can be found in the respective ChangeLogs.

To ensure the security and stability of PHP installations, users are encouraged to promptly upgrade to PHP 8.3.6 and PHP 8.2.18.

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