While Drupal core boasts excellent APIs for making data available to a couple of applications, it falls short in assisting JavaScript developers in consuming that data. The Drupal API client project aims to bridge this gap by creating a framework-agnostic base class with customizable defaults for data fetching and caching, supporting different implementations or API types.

Introducing Brian Perry, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, and representing the Drupal API client project. Brian is seeking ten thousand dollars to develop an extensible JavaScript API client for Drupal, with the ultimate goal of publishing it under the Drupal namespace on npm.

Brian and his team have already laid the groundwork with a proof of concept, showcasing the API client class, the Json API client, and the GraphQL client. They have garnered interest from key contributors in the decoupled Drupal ecosystem.

With the funding, Brian plans to enable wider participation and create a vertical slice proof of concept for the project. Their ultimate deliverables include the Json API client and scaffolding an initial GraphQL client.

In collaboration with the sharks, Brian aims to make the Drupal API client a reality, empowering JavaScript developers to seamlessly integrate with Drupal and further enhance the platform's capabilities.

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