Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024 Detailed Schedule is Out!

Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024 Detailed Schedule is Out!

The Drupal Bulgaria community has announced the programme schedule for Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024, which will take place from June 26 to June 28 at Burgas Free University in Burgas, Bulgaria. This annual event brings together Drupal enthusiasts and professionals to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and discuss the latest developments in the Drupal ecosystem.

Highlights from the event schedule include a session by Suzanne Dergacheva titled "Shaping Tomorrow: Drupal's Blueprint for Innovation," which explores Drupal’s strengths and innovations. Lauri Eskola will present on the Starshot initiative announced by Dries Buytaert during DrupalCon Portland 2024. Another notable session, led by Cristina Chumillas, will cover upcoming usability improvements in Drupal’s Admin UI, including a new toolbar and layout changes.

Frederik Wouters will offer an interesting take with "Drupal, Jiu Jitsu, and Napoleon," discussing trends in the Drupal ecosystem alongside topics like IoT, AI, and hosting. Gábor Hojtsy will dive into Drupal 11, highlighting new features, changes, and preparation tips. Stanko Metodiev will discuss the potential for community-driven collaboration among open-source content management systems in his session on the Open-Source Platform Alliance.

In addition to these, the event will feature a mix of sessions, workshops, and discussions aimed at various skill levels, providing a comprehensive experience for all attendees. Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024 promises to be an important gathering for the Drupal community, fostering innovation and connectivity. For more information and the full schedule, visit the official Drupal Developer Days 2024 website.

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