Lauri Eskola Joins Drupal Developer Days as Keynote Speaker

Lauri Eskola Joins Drupal Developer Days as Keynote Speaker

Drupal Developer Days has announced Lauri Eskola as a keynote speaker for their event from June 26-28, 2024. This event is a major gathering for the Drupal community, attracting developers and enthusiasts worldwide.

Lauri Eskola is a staff software engineer on Acquia's Drupal Acceleration Team. He co-maintains the theme system, is a core committer for Drupal 8, and manages the frontend framework. 

Eskola will present on "Starshot," an initiative announced by Dries Buytaert in May 2024. Starshot aims to create a new open-source product based on Drupal core, allowing site builders without prior Drupal experience to easily create and extend Drupal sites using only their browser and pre-packaged recipes.

His presentation will provide insights into the Starshot initiative and its goal to simplify site-building and make Drupal more accessible. Drupal Developer Days includes sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, making it a valuable event for anyone involved in Drupal development. Eskola's keynote will offer practical information on the future of Drupal.

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