Enhancing Drupal 11: Transitioning Deprecated Modules to Contributed Alternatives

Enhancing Drupal 11 Transitioning Deprecated Modules to Contributed Alternatives

Drupal 11 will remove several long-standing modules that were previously marked as deprecated in an ongoing effort to enhance and optimize its core functionality. This decision aligns with Drupal's commitment to prioritize innovation and become the leading DXP (Digital Experience Platform) for ambitious site builders.

The removed modules, including Actions UI, Activity Tracker, Book, Forum, Statistics, and Tour, will not be included in Drupal 11's core1 . However, this change does not mean the loss of these features. Drupal has ensured that the functionality of these modules remains accessible through contributed modules, which website owners can seamlessly install to maintain their existing functionality on Drupal 11.x.

This transition offers several benefits to the Drupal community:
  • Focused Core Development: Drupal core maintainers can concentrate on the roadmap and innovation within the core platform, driving the evolution of Drupal as a cutting-edge DXP.
  • Community-Driven Enhancements: By moving these modules to the contributed space, the community can take ownership and release new versions more rapidly. This an environment where features of modules like the Book module, Forum, and Tour can be significantly enhanced with broader participation and input from the community.

Maintaining a lean and efficient core is necessary for Drupal's vision of empowering ambitious site builders to create exceptional digital experiences. By strategically removing modules and prioritizing innovation, Drupal ensures a solid foundation for building and customizing ambitious digital projects. This ongoing commitment to optimization allows Drupal to remain agile and adaptable, meeting the evolving needs of its users while delivering a robust and high-performing platform.

Here's a quick rundown of the removed modules and their contributed alternatives:
  • Actions UI: Replaced by the contributed Actions UI module.
  • Activity Tracker: Replaced by the contributed Activity Tracker module.
  • Book: Replaced by the contributed Book module.
  • Forum: Replaced by the contributed Forum module.
  • Statistics: Replaced by the contributed Statistics project.
  • Tour: Replaced by the contributed Tour module.

Website owners are advised to review their site's dependencies and install the necessary contributed modules to ensure uninterrupted functionality when moving to Drupal 11.

For further information and detailed instructions, please refer to the official Drupal documentation.

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