DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 for Inclusion: Apply for Grants and Scholarships

DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 for Inclusion Apply for Grants and Scholarships

The Drupal Association has announced that applications for grants and scholarships to attend DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 are now open until 28 June, 2024. This initiative aims to ensure that DrupalCon is accessible to everyone, with a particular focus on promoting diversity and inclusivity within the global open-source community. In partnership with Kuoni Tumlare Congress, the association is offering Community Grants and Inclusion scholarship funds to support valuable members of the Drupal community who face financial barriers. Community Grants provide recipients with one free ticket to DrupalCon and a €800 travel stipend, prioritizing contributors involved in key initiatives. Inclusion Scholarships, aimed at individuals from historically marginalized or oppressed groups, offer one free ticket and a €1250 travel stipend.

Applicants are encouraged to review the funding eligibility criteria, which stipulate that each individual is limited to one funding per calendar year, with additional restrictions for previous recipients. The selection of award recipients is managed by a global team of community members, which changes with each DrupalCon event. Selected participants are required to adhere to deadlines, follow purchasing or reimbursement instructions, and communicate travel needs, including visa requirements. This funding initiative underscores the commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Drupal community, supporting members in attending the event and contributing to the success of DrupalCon Barcelona 2024.

 Apply for grants and scholarships by June 28th here.

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