Introduces Self-Sign-Up for Quick and Flexible Platform Access announces self-signup feature has unveiled a new self-sign-up feature, streamlining access to its developer-first open-source application delivery and hosting platform. This enhancement aims to simplify the user experience, enabling organizations to swiftly explore and utilize the platform autonomously.

The self-sign-up feature eliminates manual setup delays, offering instant access to the platform. Users can now expedite their release cycles, bringing products to market more efficiently. 

“As a company providing managed professional delivery to digital agencies and consultancies, the launch of's new self-sign-up feature means that our agency clients can quickly experience immediate access to their powerful Platform-as-a-Service,”

 said Bryan Gruneberg, CEO and chief technology officer of Workshop Orange,

The new self-sign-up feature offers immediate access to their platform, enabling organizations to start projects within minutes, thereby accelerating innovation and development. This feature enhances user autonomy by allowing businesses to explore the platform at their own pace, providing a sense of ownership. Upon registration, organizations receive a sandbox environment for secure testing and experimentation. 

The self-sign-up feature is scalable, catering to both startups and large enterprises, and reduces time-to-value by streamlining the onboarding process. This rapid deployment is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. also develops Lagoon, an open-source, cloud-native application delivery platform available on GitHub. For more information, visit

" is committed to providing innovations that enhance user experience and drive business success," 

said Franz Karlsberger, CEO of

"The introduction of self-sign-up is a game changer, allowing us to offer unprecedented access and flexibility to our clients, which is essential for fostering creativity and innovation in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.".'s self-sign-up feature marks a significant advancement, promising streamlined onboarding and accelerated time to value for organizations leveraging its platform. For the full press release from, click here.

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