DrupalJam 2024: Exclusive Insights from Organizers Driving Community Growth

DrupalJam 2024: Exclusive Insights from Organizers Driving Community Growth

DrupalJam 2024, set to take place on June 12th at the Fabrique in Utrecht, marks a significant milestone as it celebrates its 20th edition. Organized by a team of dedicated volunteers, DrupalJam has earned international recognition for its professional quality and community-driven ethos.

The upcoming event promises a rich and diverse program, featuring keynote speaker Dries Buytaert, the program lead of Drupal. Dries' address will provide valuable insights into the past, present, and future of Drupal, setting the stage for a day of exploration and learning.

Led by volunteers such as Jean-Paul Vosmeer, Bart Vreugdenhil, Carole Grootenboer, Mario Gerssen, and Rolf van de Krol, DrupalJam embodies the collaborative spirit of the Drupal community. Their efforts ensure that the event maintains its high professional standard and delivers a rewarding experience for all attendees.

Kazima Abbas, sub-editor at The DropTimes, brings you exclusive insights from the organizers into the event's schedule, speakers, and opportunities for engagement. From technical sessions to interactive workshops, DrupalJam 2024 promises something for everyone, reinforcing its status as a premier gathering in the Drupal ecosystem.

When asked about differentiating DrupalJam 2024 from previous editions, the organizers emphasized maintaining the beloved program structure while introducing several new and notable elements. They highlighted the keynote address by Dries Buytaert as a key feature stating,

"This is a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insights directly from the visionary behind Drupal, providing a deeper understanding of the platform's evolution and its direction moving forward"

Additionally, they introduced the "Open Up" track to foster engagement and discussions on crucial topics related to open source and communities.

Regarding the event schedule, the organizers outlined a comprehensive program featuring 25 distinguished speakers delivering in-depth technical sessions. They highlighted sessions covering development, AI, design, UX/UI, marketing, and business. Keynote sessions by Dries Buytaert and Rens van der Vorst were noted as inspiring and thought-provoking. Attendees can expect a variety of technical sessions throughout the event, covering topics ranging from advanced development techniques to innovative uses of AI and effective design principles.

Dries Buytaert

Keynote Sessions: The event will kick off with an inspiring keynote from Dries Buytaert, discussing the past, present, and future of Drupal. The closing keynote will be delivered by Rens van der Vorst, a technophilosopher, who will provide thought-provoking insights into our relationship with technology.



Technical Sessions: Throughout the event, volunteers from within the Drupal community will present 45-minute and 25-minute sessions. These sessions will cover a wide range of topics, from advanced development techniques to innovative uses of AI, effective design principles, and the latest trends in UX/UI.

The organizers provided a detailed description of the chosen venue for DrupalJam 2024, emphasizing its central location, accessibility by both car and public transportation, and professional yet appealing environment. They highlighted DeFabrique's transformation from a former compound feed factory into a modern event location with an industrial aesthetic, stating,

"The unique combination of historical architecture and modern facilities creates a distinctive and appealing venue for DrupalJam 2024."

Regarding provisions for remote participation or virtual attendance, the organizers expressed a commitment to on-site events, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interactions and networking opportunities. They mentioned the transition to conducting the event primarily in English to accommodate the diverse international audience, stating,

"This inclusivity is crucial for accommodating our diverse, international audience."

Additionally, they noted that all sessions would be recorded and made available after the event to extend the reach of DrupalJam and provide valuable knowledge and insights to a global audience.

The DrupalJam team employs a thorough evaluation process to select speakers for the event, considering a mix of subjects to ensure balance and diversity. They aim to include both experienced and novice speakers, providing newcomers with an opportunity to present.  The team dedicates significant time to ensuring due process during the selection process, highlighting their commitment to curating a diverse and engaging lineup.

Attendees at DrupalJam 2024 can engage with speakers through dedicated Q&A sessions, as presenters are requested to allocate time specifically for audience interaction.

"The presenters are requested to allocate a portion of their presentation time specifically for a Q&A session. This ensures that the audience has the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the material presented. Additionally, the presenters have the freedom to incorporate interactive elements into their presentation, such as polls, discussions, or other engaging activities, to foster a more dynamic and participatory experience for the audience."

Sponsorship opportunities for DrupalJam 2024 include Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsorship tiers, with additional opportunities to sponsor specific events like the Infamous PubQuiz. In addition to marketing exposure, sponsors receive space to interact with the public, acknowledging their generous support in organizing the event.

Anticipating around 350-400 attendees, DrupalJam 2024 welcomes individuals from various roles within the industry, enriching the event with diversity. While a significant portion of the audience has a technical background, the event attracts professionals from diverse fields such as development, design, project management, and marketing, reflecting the inclusive nature of the Drupal community.

Regarding registration, tickets are available until the event starts on June 12th. While the early bird period has passed, attendees can still register for the event and opt for additional activities like the sponsored BBQ, providing an opportunity to network and celebrate the event's 20th edition in style. 


Get your tickets from here: www.drupaljam.nl 

At DrupalJam 2024, attendees have the opportunity to engage with community-driven initiatives and projects, particularly through the newly introduced Open Up Track. This track aims to create an inclusive space where knowledge flows freely between neighboring associations and communities in Europe. Organized into four engaging sessions, passionate contributors are invited to explore various themes and actively participate in discussions:

Session 1: The Past, Present, and Future of Open Source

Explore the evolution of open source, reflecting on its beginnings, current state, and future prospects, along with the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Session 2: Competition, Collaboration, and Allies

Discuss ways to strengthen collaboration within the open-source community, learn from competitors, and enhance our competitive edge over closed-source software.

Session 3: Building Communities

Focus on the importance of communities in open source, sharing insights on how to support and grow them, and learning from successful community-building experiences.

Session 4: Drupal in Europe

Review the achievements of DrupalCon Europe and the formation of the Network of European Drupal Associations (NEDA). Discuss future collaborations and meet in person in Utrecht.


Those interested in contributing or participating in these sessions can reach out via email to [email protected], fostering an environment of learning, collaboration, and community building within the European open-source landscape.

In their response, the organizers emphasized DrupalJam's multifaceted contributions to the broader Drupal community and ecosystem beyond the event itself. They highlighted the event's role in sharing knowledge, bringing people together, and ensuring Drupal's continued growth and success.

"In the Netherlands, we are fully dedicated to growing Drupal and sharing our expertise and achievements with the broader community across Europe and the world. Our contributions include maintaining our Drupal website and organizing events such as the Splash Awards, which recognize outstanding Drupal projects. Through these efforts, we aim to foster collaboration, innovation, and the widespread adoption of Drupal, reinforcing our commitment to the global Drupal community."

Additionally, the organizers mentioned post-event resources and materials available to attendees for further learning and engagement. They stated that all recordings of the sessions would be shared on YouTube after the event, along with photos and a post-event movie capturing the atmosphere of the event. Some speakers would also share their presentations or additional resources, extending the reach and impact of the knowledge shared during the event. This approach ensures that the valuable insights and information from DrupalJam are accessible to a global audience, fostering ongoing learning and engagement within the community.

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