Drupal Association Calls for Asian Local Association Leaders to Join Inaugural Meet-Up

Drupal Association Calls for Asian Local Association Leaders to Join Inaugural Meet-Up

The Drupal Association has issued a call for leaders of Local Associations from Asia to attend the inaugural Local Association Leaders meet-up on June 11, 2024. This initiative seeks to bolster the success of Drupal Local Associations by directly engaging with community leaders dedicated to promoting the Drupal project within their respective regions.

Scheduled for 15:00 CST / 7:00 UTC, the meeting will be conducted online, offering Local Association leaders located in Asia a platform to connect, collaborate, and share insights. The primary objective is to foster a supportive environment where leaders can exchange ideas, address challenges, and explore opportunities for further advancing Drupal within their communities.

The Local Associations Initiative underscores the Drupal Association's commitment to empowering grassroots efforts to promote and support the Drupal ecosystem globally. By facilitating dialogue and collaboration among community leaders, this initiative aims to strengthen the network of Drupal enthusiasts and contribute to the project's continued growth and success.

Leaders interested in participating in the meet-up can register promptly to secure their spot and take advantage of this valuable opportunity to connect with fellow Drupal advocates across Asia.

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