DrupalCollab: Drupal Community in the Largest 500 Cities in the World

DrupalCollab: Drupal Community in the Largest 500 Cities in the World

Continuing our analysis of the spread of the Drupal community across the world, we tried to look at the corresponding numbers for the largest cities. We limited our analysis to the largest 500+ cities in the world with a million people or more. There is a good chance that there are cities with less than a million people with a sizable number of Drupal users but we can work backward on that separately.

As with the earlier country-level analysis, we are primarily searching for the keyword Drupal on LinkedIn and then filtering by the city. Please read through the article on our methodology for this analysis using LinkedIn, associated errors, and justifications.

We will use the term “Drupal People” when we refer to the number of people who have “Drupal” in their LinkedIn profile.

Here is the list of the 81 cities with more than 500 people on LinkedIn with “Drupal” in their profile.

RegionCountryCityPopulation (x1000) (2019)Drupal People
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaNew York-Newark188056400
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaWashington, D.C.52645400
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaSan Francisco-Oakland33184100
EuropeUnited KingdomLondon91773600
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaBoston43073400
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaLos Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana124483000
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaChicago88622400
Northern AmericaCanadaToronto61392000
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaSeattle34062000
AsiaIndiaChennai (Madras)107111900
AsiaIndiaMumbai (Bombay)201851800
EuropeDenmarkKøbenhavn (Copenhagen)13341700
Northern AmericaCanadaMontréal41961700
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaPhiladelphia57051600
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaAtlanta56891600
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaDenver-Aurora27901600
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaAustin19851600
Northern AmericaCanadaVancouver25561500
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaPortland21271500
AsiaIndiaPune (Poona)64521400
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaDallas-Fort Worth62011300
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaMinneapolis-St. Paul29071300
AsiaIndiaKolkata (Calcutta)147551100
EuropeGermanyMünchen (Munich)15211100
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaRaleigh13861100
Latin America and the CaribbeanColombiaBogotá107791000
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaPhoenix-Mesa44361000
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaSan Diego32311000
Northern AmericaCanadaOttawa-Gatineau13781000
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaMiami6079994
EuropeItalyMilano (Milan)3136941
EuropeGreeceAthínai (Athens)3154934
EuropeItalyRoma (Rome)4234915
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaDetroit3571915
Latin America and the CaribbeanArgentinaBuenos Aires15057886
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaHouston6245789
Latin America and the CaribbeanBrazilSão Paulo21847775
AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesDubayy (Dubai)2833769
EuropeUkraineKyiv (Kiev)2973740
EuropePolandWarszawa (Warsaw)1776740
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaOrlando1923702
Latin America and the CaribbeanMexicoCiudad de México (Mexico City)21672699
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaSalt Lake City1158690
EuropePortugalLisboa (Lisbon)2942685
EuropeSwitzerlandZürich (Zurich)1383670
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaSan Jose1783653
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaKansas City1675621
EuropeRomaniaBucuresti (Bucharest)1812611
EuropeCzechiaPraha (Prague)1299600
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaColumbus, Ohio1621600
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaCleveland1769585
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaCharlotte1971570
Northern AmericaCanadaCalgary1513559
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaSacramento2089557
EuropeUnited KingdomManchester2710548
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaTampa-St. Petersburg2842544
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaPittsburgh1710542
AsiaMalaysiaKuala Lumpur7780530
Northern AmericaUnited States of AmericaNashville-Davidson1224505

Relevance of this Analysis

As a community, our goal is to expand globally. To achieve this, we need to support the growth of local communities worldwide.

To drive this growth across the world we will need feet on the ground. We will need volunteers who can organize and run local events and mobilize and motivate local users.

Now we will have to systematically find out local Drupal users who can coalesce and organize themselves as local groups. If there is a critical mass of users we will be able to build viable local groups that can then help the growth of the community further in that area.

This analysis will tell us the cities we will have to start focusing our attention towards in helping the local communities. These 81 cities are a good start.

Source Data

The data from this analysis and the earlier analysis around countries are available in this public spreadsheet.


The data for the cities is present in the tab “Dev by City”.
The data for countries is present in the tab “Dev by Country”.

Next Steps

The next step as a community is to reach out and find active local groups and local group organizers from these different cities. There are two tabs in the document with the list of local Drupal groups(tab named “Local Groups”) and the list of Drupal camps worldwide (tab named “Drupal camps”).

By the way, you can see news and updates about all the Drupal camps and events happening worldwide at - https://www.thedroptimes.com/events  

When groups don’t exist, we will have to find people and organizations who would be interested and willing to organize local events in those cities.

Add details about local Drupal groups in these cities

If you are an organizer for an active Drupal group in any of these cities please add your details to the sheet by using the following form.


If you don’t see your local group listed in the list of groups please add details of your local Drupal group by using the following form.


Interested in organizing a local Drupal group/event in your city?

If you are interested in organizing a local Drupal group or local event, we can help you promote the group and the event online. Please use the following form to share your details and we will get back in touch with you.



There are 512 cities with more than 1 million people in the world (based on 2019 data). Around 1.7 billion people live in these cities. These 512 cities account for 150K Drupal People which is approximately 48% of the Drupal community. There are 81 cities with more than 500 Drupal People. These 81 cities account for 116K Drupal people or approximately 37% of the global Drupal community.

Note: The vision of this web portal is to help promote news and stories around the Drupal community and promote and celebrate the people and organizations in the community. We strive to create and distribute our content based on these content policy. If you see any omission/variation on this please let us know in the comments below and we will try to address the issue as best we can.

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