Promet Source Webinar on Conversational Search for Government

Promet Source Webinar on Conversational Search for Government

A transformative webinar titled "Conversational Search for Government" will take place on June 27th at 10:00 a.m. EST. It aims to elevate constituent services through innovative AI technology. Conducted by Promet Source, this event will showcase how AI chatbots can significantly enhance citizens' interactions with local government services.

Martin County, Florida, has been leveraging conversational AI with remarkable success. The webinar will feature Fin, an AI chatbot developed using Promethia, which has revolutionized the county's approach to citizen engagement. Attendees will gain insights into the county's experiences, AI chatbots' advantages to government agencies, and key strategies for ensuring security and reliability.

The event will be led by a panel of experts from Promet Source, including CEO Andy Kucharski, Senior Drupal Developer Josh Estep, and Director of Marketing Cassey Bowden. In addition to the informative segments, a Q&A session will allow participants to engage directly with these experts.

Those interested in attending can register for the webinar and secure their virtual front-row seat through the provided link: Register Here. For more details on how conversational AI is utilized in government services, visit the full article: Conversational Search AI Chatbot Provides Answers.

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