ECA 2.0.0 Released: Major Updates Announced for Drupal 10.3 and 11 Compatibility

74 new plugins, 13 events, 2 conditions, 59 actions, resolution of 164 issues, 40 new features
ECA 2.0.0 Released: Major Updates Announced for Drupal 10.3 and 11 Compatibility

Jürgen Haas, on his LinkedIn, has announced the release of ECA 2.0.0, a significant update to the ECA module. This release, accompanied by major updates to over a dozen other ECA-related modules, represents a collaborative effort by LakeDrops and OpenCampus GmbH. The development, supported by OpenCampus GmbH, which operates in the education sector, has seen contributions from several key maintainers, including Jürgen Haas, Daniel Speicher, Richard Papp, Ralf Koller, and mxh.

ECA 2.0.0 is now compatible with Drupal 10.3 and the upcoming Drupal 11, which is expected to be released by the end of this week. This update introduces numerous improvements and new features, making it a significant advancement for Drupal users. One of the key updates is the requirement for Drupal 10.3 and PHP 8.1, aligning ECA with the latest technology standards. The entire codebase has undergone extensive clean-up and refactoring, ensuring all linters are green, and achieving PHPStan level 6 compliance.

A notable enhancement in ECA 2.0.0 is the dynamic event subscriber. Unlike ECA 1, which subscribed to all 233 events, ECA 2.0.0 now subscribes only to events relevant to each Drupal site. This change simplifies adding new event plugins, with detailed information available in the API changes for the ECA event plugins change record. The update includes 74 new plugins, 13 events, 2 conditions, and 59 actions. The resolution of 164 issues—40 new features, 58 tasks, 58 bugs, and 8 miscellaneous improvements—further enhances the module's functionality.

The update also introduces dynamic tokens provided by events, which are now exposed to the user interface and included in the ECA Guide. Significant and breaking changes are documented in the change records for ECA, offering developers comprehensive guidance on updating modules that integrate with ECA. This documentation is crucial, particularly for ECA event plugins, as action plugins extending \Drupal\eca\Plugin\Action\ActionBase require renaming of the $tokenServices to $tokenService.

For those upgrading from ECA 1, it is recommended that they first update to Drupal 10.3. ECA 1 will continue to work with Drupal 10, allowing users to update ECA at their convenience. After updating to Drupal 10.3, users can update ECA and all other integrating modules to version 2. Following the update, some maintenance tasks are advisable, including creating a database backup, clearing the cache with drush cr, updating the database with drush updatedb, and updating existing ECA models with eca:update.

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