Are You Getting Prepared for Drupal 10 Already?

16 September, 2021

Drupal 10 release has already been announced for June of 2022. Are the Drupal upgrades moving too fast for comfort? The Drupal Association promises that processes and tools are there to make the upgrade or transition as effortless as possible.

The expectations for Drupal 10 are upgrades of third parties like CKEditor, Symfony on which Drupal Core depend. The upgrades will be to the most current version i.e CKEditor 5 and Symfony 6 respectively. Composer 2 and PHP 8 are the other expected changes.

These changes also will mean better support, improved site performance, enhanced user experience journeys on the site. It has to be stressed that Drupal 10 will be built on Drupal 9, as more functionalities will be added along the path to newer versions of Drupal 9. The Drupal Association has promised that all the minor releases up to June of 2022 will be backwards compatible.

Once Drupal 10 has been released all the deprecated codes will be removed while updating other dependencies. Some of the strategies for Drupal 10 include

  • Improving on Drupal’s out-of-box experience
  • Moving from Batik to new front end theme Olivero
  • Automating of Updates
  • Work on adding JavaScript components

This will add the user friendliness of Drupal as a CMS. It thus should ease the maintenance processes and give space for building innovative and improved digital experiences. Stability of platform components will be a major focus with Drupal 10.

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