Drupal Association's New Board Member At-Large: Mike Herchel

Mike Herchel, Senior Front-end Developer at Lullabot got elected for the post of ‘At Large Drupal Board Member’. The post is for two years. Herchel is replacing Leslie Glynn, who completed her two-year service. Pedro Cambra, who got elected last year, has another year to go. There are two At-large Board Members who, through election, become part of the governing body of the Drupal Association.
The Drupal Association Board comprises about eleven to fifteen members. Members will need to dedicate around five hours per month to the work associated with the organization. This excludes efforts related to fundraising events or other such associated work.

The Drupal Association Board of directors oversees the finances. They also make sure their strategies align with the association’s mission through Drupal.org and DrupalCon. The Drupal Association’s mission is to unite a global open source community to build, secure and promote Drupal. Members also ensure that the Drupal organization meets all the legal and ethical requirements for non-profit and tax-exempt organization standards.

Mike Herchel is the lead developer for the Olivero initiative that was specially mentioned by Dries Buytaert in his Keynote at the DrupalCon Europe 2021. Herchel is one organizer of the Florida DrupalCamp and is also a maintainer for the Drupal Quicklink module.

According to the Drupal Association1, there were eight candidates who stood for the At-large board election in 2021. Among the 2,472 eligible voters, only 504 voters participated. Mike Herchel won with a lead of 50 votes over Imre Gmelig Meikling who had 227 votes to his name.

Mike Herchel, as part of his acceptance speech, released the following statement, "I'm thrilled to have the privilege to join the board of the Drupal Association! During this time, I intend to advocate for better usability on Drupal.org and focus on smaller scale Drupal websites to help make our community as strong, diverse, and thriving as possible."2

[1,2] https://www.drupal.org/association/blog/drupal-association-at-large-board-election-2021-winner-announced

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