How Did Drupal Get Its name?

Origin of Drupal

What started as a college message board to facilitate communication among friends is now the Open source Content Management System called Drupal. Drupal has further evolved and has become a Digital Experience Platform as Dries Buytaert calls it. A platform that enables digital transformation.

Dries Buytaert who conceptualized Drupal coined the name Drupal. He was checking for the domain name dorp which meant village or community in Dutch but misspelled it Drop. Dries felt Drop sounded better and later modified the software name to Drupal derived from the dutch word Druppel which meant drop in the Dutch language. Drupal is pronounced ‘droo-puhl’. The name Drupal struck and proved to be a boon.

Drupal got major recognition when Howard Dean used Drupal to build DeanSpace: an open-source network of around 50 independent websites supporting Howard Dean that allowed campaign personnel to communicate directly with one another. Drupal continued to gain popularity even after the election and several from the original Dean Web team continued using the software.

In January of 2001, Dries released Drupal as a free and open source web content management system distributed under the GNU General Public License. By 2013 there were several hundred vendors offering Drupal service. Drupal is written in PHP.


The Drupal logo also called Druplicon is a drop that looks like an animated face with infinity masked as eyes and a capped nose and smile. The image was created by Steven Wittens and Kristjan Jansen.

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