Drupal takes GAAD Pledge 2022

Person using Assistive Technology

The Drupal CMS on 19th May 2022, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) in a statement announced that they have taken the GAAD pledge to formalize accessibility as a core value of their framework. Drupal’s Accessibility journey bagan long back, but they have decided to join React Native and Ember JS, previous GAAD Pledgees, as a public open source leader in pushing forward accessibility to the community.

The Drupal community has always proudly included people with disabilities. The million or so Drupal sites serve people with every combination of visual, mobility, auditory, physical, speech and cognitive disabilities. Drupal has been a leader in CMS accessibility for over a decade and the community events have had presentations about WCAG and ATAG for nearly 20 years.

The statement talked about contributors that led the changes in the Drupal Community. It was Everett Zufelt, who as a blind developer was key to bringing the community onboard with embracing WCAG 2.0 for both the front-end and back-end of the Drupal 7 interface. The release of Drupal 8 benefited from the work of Vincenzo Rubano, a blind Italian student who contributed to Drupal Core.

They also talked about two new accessible themes, Claro and Olivero. Olivero is a default theme, and named in memory of Rachel Olivero, a stand-out member of the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion community.

Drupal 2022 Pledge

  • Accessibility is a core value of the Drupal CMS, all Drupal websites, and events (Drupal community embraces accessibility).
  • In 2022 Drupal will formally upgrade their standards to WCAG 2.1 AA (The community’s process and project governance will continue to align with the latest recommended release of the WCAG guidelines).
  • Drupal will publish a new coding standards document to clarify accessibility practices (Accessibility isn’t currently in Drupal’s coding standards).
  • All documentation will be updated to ensure that it includes current best practices (Updating documentation is something that always needs to be done).
  • Drupal will continue tracking accessibility issues for all Drupal.org projects and tagging them for transparency [1423 issues].

While there is more to do with this statement the Drupal Community has assured that as they continually improve Drupal, accessibility will be a core part of what they do.


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