Digital Transformation and LocalGov Drupal at Digital Leaders Week

Empowering Digital Transformation Using LocalGov Drupal
Digital Leaders Week

Mark Conroy, Leila Dewhurst, Mike King, Ryan Taylor and Anth (Anthony) Tyreman on 24th June, will give a talk on Empowering Digital Transformation Using LocalGov Drupal (LGD) at the Digital Leaders Week.

It will be a live project retrospective of Redcar and Cleveland’s new LocalGov Drupal website. The discussion will focus on marrying stakeholder and end user needs, content analysis and design, accessibility compliance, implementing LGD and delivering a 12 month digital development plan. Finishing with the council’s plans for the future and using LGD as a jumping off point to transform the user experience.

Mark is Director of Development at Annertech and a Drupal core maintainer and frontend lead for LocalGov Drupal. Leila, a passionate advocate for LocalGov Drupal is User Experience Lead at Invuse and delivers the best user and accessibility experience for all. Mike is a highly experienced Director of Project Management at Annertech with a key eye for detail. Ryan is a Project Delivery Lead at Invuse and his mantra centres on proactive customer communication at every stage of the project. Anthony is a Communications Officer at Redcar & Cleveland, with a focus on improving access to information and digital services.

Digital Leaders Week is the UK's biggest single gathering of people focused on digital transformation with over 200 speakers already and 70,000 free places online covering 12 topics, 4 sectors and 10 UK regions. It will all begin on Monday 20th June when Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy, Chris Philp MP will launch the week officially alongside the Digital Ministers for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


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