Intermediate OOP in Drupal at Drupal Camp Asheville

Drupal Camp Asheville

Drupal 8+ changes made it necessary for developers to have a stronger understanding of object oriented programming (OOP). In this training on 8th July 2022 at the Drupal Camp Asheville, Jonathan Daggerhart of Daggerhart Lab will discuss and demystify some of the most useful OOP concepts, patterns, and jargon as they apply to modern Drupal development.

The session will cover topics like OOP Concepts, Patterns, Drupal/Symfony and more. This training will best serve developers who have some understanding of OOP, and want to learn more about the theory behind best practices seen in Drupal 8+ and Symfony. The approach of this training is a series of discussions paired with practical examples of how the topics apply to Drupal 8 module development. If things get really wild, you may also get a chance to live-code some modules.

To attend this training session you need to have some basic OOP knowledge like what classes are and syntax for using them, and maybe some Drupal module development.

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