'Recipes, Starter Kits, Distributions' Initiative Now Has a Landing Page


Strategic Initiative ‘Recipes, Starter Kits, Distributions’ now has a landing page.

The initiative is for site-builders, maintainers of many similar sites, and the existing distribution maintainers. The idea is to offer them a choice from pre-defined 'recipes' that assembled Drupal functionality for specific needs like blog site, news site, e-commerce site, etc. This would be a significant improvement to getting started with Drupal. Historically this functionality has been served by install profiles and distributions, but both of those iterations of the problem have certain flaws.

With the Recipes, Starter Kits, Distributions Initiative there will be improvements to how recipes/distributions are packaged and delivered on Drupal.org, improvements to Composer workflows for recipes/distributions and improvements to how recipes/distributions ship configuration. It will help in updating the architecture so that recipes/distributions can be mixed and matched and it will make it possible to install recipes/distributions using the Project Browser.

Alex Pott is the head of this initiative and Discover Global Network are sponsoring this initiative.

Check out the new landing page for source and more information:

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