First Alpha Release of Project Browser

Project Browser

The first Alpha version of Project Browser was released on 28th June 2022. You can now install the Alpha Release and start giving feedback or filling issues. Enabling this module will allow you to browse contributed Drupal modules inside your Drupal site. The Alpha Release of Project Browser is a milestone to get this feature ready to be the part of Drupal 10.

After installing this module, a “browse” tab appears with the “Extend” section of the admin interface of the DrupalPod. You can search through Drupal’s modules and find just the right one for your use case.

While using the module for now it is important to understand that the module gets its data from but as of now the API hasn’t been implemented on the side. For now data is being downloaded periodically and it is being loaded to the local site’s database. This will keep getting updated every two weeks until the API is in place.

Right now the search keywords are only limited to the title but they will soon move to full text search against the data. 

If you check the search filters right now, Maintained and Covered by Security Policy filters are automatically turned on. You can change these filters but for now the team wants to recommend the modules that are covered by security policy and are maintained.

You can check the Browser Alpha Demo video shared by Christopher Wells to get a better look at the module.