Headless Drupal: Using Advanced, Modern Front-End Technologies with Drupal

15 July, 2022
Eastern Enterprise Twitter

Eastern Enterprise is hosting a virtual event - 'Headless Drupal: Using Advanced, Modern Front-End Technologies with Drupal' on 26th July 2022. 

In this event, Ashish Prabhakar will talk you through about Headless Drupal and its approach to building Drupal websites, in which Drupal serves as the backend content repository while the frontend is built in different technologies and communicates with Drupal via an API. You’ll also get to know about how developers can choose the right front-end tools for each job, rather than being limited to the front-end possibilities of the Drupal platform. 

In this session you will learn what is headless Drupal and its basics, opportunities and challenges in headless Drupal, application of Headless Drupal and how will Headless Drupal act as a game changer in the industry.

For Source and Registration:

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