LocalGov Drupal Survey to Understand Barriers and Opportunities


LocalGov Drupal took feedback from 35 councils to understand what is good about LocalGov Drupal, and what factors were acting as barriers. Maygen Jacques, Code Enigma in her blog post talking about their findings first goes into details of why a council should choose LocalGov Drupal. She then moves on to talk about the barriers to adopting LocalGov Drupal like lack of available developers, concern regarding less power in decision making, lack of perceived maturity on the part of the system and much more. 26% of the councils they interviewed lacked developers or assistance, making it an important problem to be worked on. 

After listening to the councils LocalGov Drupal plans to make signing up more easier, assigning support at the beginning of the process and add more people to test out LocalGov Drupal through trial instals and a sample website before making a permanent commitment.

The team also realized that they need to have a more inclusive decision-making process, an easier way to give out project updates, improve the clarity of communication and make additional efforts to promote the initiative. They also plan on creating materials like case studies or explaining documentation that are easy to understand as 14% respondents asked for more demos and case studies.


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