John Richards II (JRastaban)


John is a Developer Advocate at Pantheon and lives in St. Louis with his wife and clowder of cats. His love for coding stems from his enjoyment in innovating simple solutions for complex challenges.

John has been a web developer since 2007 and fell in love with open source in 2013 when he took a job developing WordPress sites at Washington University in St. Louis. When WordCamp US came to St. Louis in 2019, he volunteered as an organizer. This led to a desire to be more involved in the community, so he took a role at Pantheon as a Developer Advocate. Apart from coding, John enjoys playing board games with friends, trying new food, and spending time reading with a cat curled in his lap.

Drupal Contributions: 

My background is in WordPress but through Pantheon I've had the opportunity to participate in and get to know the wonderful Drupal community.

My contributions so far have mostly been trainings for users on shared technologies in the Open Source communities like Git.


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