Drupal Starshot Initiative

Starshot is an ambitious initiative designed to enhance the Drupal platform, aimed at simplifying and accelerating the process of building Drupal sites for users without prior Drupal experience. By leveraging the core strengths of Drupal and integrating features like Project Browser and Recipes, Starshot promises a refined, user-friendly experience right out of the box.

Unlike a traditional distribution or a rewrite of Drupal, Starshot builds upon existing Drupal core functionalities. Recipes, a central component of Starshot, are preconfigured extensions that enhance flexibility and ease of use, allowing users to customize and extend their sites more efficiently than traditional install profiles.

Starshot is not intended as a new brand or product name; it is a project that will culminate in an enhanced version of Drupal CMS. The initiative is still under development, with its governance and final details yet to be fully defined. The project aims for a release by the end of 2024 and will not be tied to the traditional Drupal core release schedule, potentially allowing for more frequent updates. This approach is designed to attract new users and contributors to the Drupal community and the Open Web, promoting rapid deployment and innovation within the Drupal ecosystem.

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