A website without Metatags is like a shop without a signboard. (Hybrid)

26 Apr 2023, 4:30 pm
1 Hour

This is a Hybrid session where the speaker will present remotely. The session will be displayed on a projector in the assigned room on-site. Participants may either join remotely via the linked Zoom or attend in-person.


Many higher-ed institutions and non-profit organisations have large amounts of content available on their websites today. And it's getting harder and harder to explain what your company or website is all about without revealing too much information. And even when we share our material on social media, it lacks the necessary information to grab the interest of your audience and encourage them to go through to your website/blogs/content to learn more. 

Drupal meta tags hold the potential to arrange your data in a way that gives context to the target audience.  It gives you the ability to control the tags that determine which image, title, and description are displayed on social media websites when users share links to your page on those platforms.

In this session, we'll go over how to proceed in order to configure our website's Metatag effectively. And how we can rapidly and dynamically generate and update various Metatag elements to assist you to improve your Drupal SEO ranking? 

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