Editor's Pick | Vol. 1 | Issue. 33

Embracing Continuous Learning

04 September 2023

I believe that every day has a valuable lesson to offer. Whether it was a chance encounter with a stranger on my daily commute or a setback at work, I approached each day with curiosity and an open heart. I feel that life’s most valuable lessons often emerge from the most unexpected places, and the willingness to learn from every experience has turned my everyday life into a continuous journey of growth and self-discovery.

Just like my everyday experiences contribute to my personal development, the Drupal community’s shared insights and experiences shape the community’s ongoing success, embodying the spirit of continuous learning and progress.

Let us look into last week’s stories by The Drop Times.

The clock is ticking as DrupalCon Lille approaches; regular registration ends on September 11, so don’t miss out on the chance to register and experience all the benefits of DrupalCon Lille. Furthermore, the 2023 Drupal Business Survey remains open for anonymous participation until today, September 4, 2023, offering a unique opportunity to contribute to the community’s growth. DrupalCamp Sevilla 2023 is also on the horizon, scheduled for this month from September 21 to 23. Looking ahead, DrupalCon Portland 2024 volunteer applications are now open.

Luca Lusso brought out a book that delves deep into modernising theme creation in Drupal 10. VDMi’s blog delves into Drupal’s prowess in managing multilingual web platforms, harnessing its robust multilingual capabilities to cater to diverse linguistic preferences. A detailed walkthrough of the seamless integration of Drupal 9-compatible modules into Drupal 10 projects is provided in Specbee’s article. A blog post by KishaWeb decodes the Drupal Website Development Costs. Also, an article by Tactis highlights the critical insights from this year’s Customer Contact Week (CCW) conference in Las Vegas. A guide by Spark Fabrik lists 11 advantages of Drupal that can benefit businesses.

Acquia offers insights into conditionally increasing PHP memory limits to optimise performance without resorting to complex code changes. A tutorial by DrupalEasy gives an in-depth analysis guiding Drupal developers in transitioning from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10. Lastly, I interacted with Stefanie Bilen, The Director of Marketing and Communication at FFW, drafted her insights and learned more about The Women in Drupal Award. I want to inform you that any woman with a Drupal account can apply, and the deadline is tomorrow.

Elma John 
Sub-Editor, TheDropTimes