Master Drupal 10 Theme Development with Luca Lusso's Comprehensive Guide

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Luca Lusso's Modernizing Drupal 10 Theme Development published by Packt Publishing is a definitive guide that delves deep into Drupal theme creation. It equips novice and seasoned developers to build fully styled websites with custom Twig templates and a headless architecture.

Beginning with hands-on theme building, Lusso guides readers in creating themes from scratch to achieve their desired final layout. The book provides essential tools like Webpack, Tailwind CSS, and Browsersync to enhance Drupal's productivity. It takes a detailed journey through Drupal's theme layers, teaching readers how to construct HTML pages, manage template files, and seamlessly integrate custom CSS and JavaScript. The focus is on harnessing Drupal's APIs to create robust, maintainable themes while adhering to industry best practices.

What sets this book apart is its coverage of decoupled websites using json:api and Next.js, catering to the demands of modern web development. Whether you're an experienced Drupal developer or a front-end enthusiast, Lusso's book offers invaluable expertise and best practices for crafting high-performance Drupal themes. It's an essential resource for those looking to stay competitive in the  front-end web development. Learn more about the book here.

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