Editor's Pick | Vol. 2 | Issue. 7

Life as a Drupal Storyteller: A Journalist's Perspective

Hey there, Drupal Fam!

Wanted to drop you a line and share a bit about what it's like to be a journalist here in the heart of Drupal. It's not all flashy headlines and breaking news, but it's rewarding in its special way.

So, picture this: every day, I'm diving deep into the world of Drupal, connecting with community members, and getting the scoop on all the latest happenings. Whether it's chatting with developers, designers, or contributors, there's never a dull moment.

One of the valuable aspects of my role is connecting with Drupal community members for interviews. These engagements offer valuable insights and perspectives, enriching our understanding of the community and its contributions.

And let's not overlook the articles. We have some fantastic content lined up for you. From insightful analyses to thought-provoking pieces and event coverage, we consistently bring fresh and engaging material.

But here's the thing – it's not just about churning content. It's about doing justice to Drupal and all the incredible work being done by our community members. Their contributions make a difference, and I'm honoured to play a small part in showcasing their talents.

So, next time you're scrolling through our articles or tuning in to one of our interviews, remember – thanks to the Drupal community's amazing folks who make it all possible.

An organizational update: We are now active on Drupal Slack as #thedroptimes. Do search for the handle and join Slack, where you can participate in the process of news gathering by occasionally answering our queries or sharing your perspectives. 

Now, let's talk about some important news stories we covered from last week:

Automated Testing Kit for Drupal, led by André Angelantoni, revolutionizes end-to-end testing with its versatile features, impactful vision, and seamless integration of Cypress.io and Playwright frameworks. Andre is the project lead of the Automated Testing Kit, Layout Builder Kit, and Campaign Kit. He speaks with Alka Elizabeth in an email correspondence about the project.  

Nicolas Loye, CTO of Smile, a French Drupal agency, and the treasurer of Drupal France, shares insights with Elma John in an interview on community-driven growth, financial stewardship, and fostering collaboration. From porting projects to organizing Drupal events, Nicolas reflects on the essence of community work and its impact on his role as a technology leader.

Jorge Lopez-Lago, a seasoned Solutions Architect at FFW, shares his diverse experiences and insights in another exclusive interview with Elma. Jorge offers a glimpse into his evolution from a hands-on Drupal developer to a multifaceted leader and discusses his unique approach to problem-solving and community engagement.

Get the latest update from FOSDEM as Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, and WordPress join forces to establish the Open Website Alliance, representing over 50% of websites online.

The Drop Times is thrilled to announce its official media partnerships with DrupalCamp Rennes and Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024! Stay tuned for exclusive coverage of these premier Drupal events, featuring insights, interviews, and live updates.

Discover the latest in Drupal and web technologies with Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal, as he visits Japan for the first time in nearly eight years. This exclusive event on March 14, 2024, in Tokyo, promises valuable insights into the future of web development.

Get ready to save $100 on DrupalCon Portland tickets! Early bird registration is now open. Join the City of Roses for networking, collaboration, and learning with the Drupal community. Register now! Drupal Association introduces scholarships for historically oppressed communities and community grants to support vital Drupal contributors at the upcoming DrupalCon Portland 2024. Eligible individuals can seize this opportunity to engage in the conference and contribute to the Drupal community.

Dive into the heart of Drupal MountainCamp as a volunteer! Join in welcoming attendees, ensuring smooth sessions, and making this event unforgettable. Your contributions will be rewarded with drupal.org credits. Drupal Mountain Camp announces Acquia as its latest Gold Sponsor, adding substantial value to the upcoming event.

DrupalCamp Ghent 2024 invites professionals and experts to submit session proposals for its upcoming event, offering a platform to share insights with the Drupal, PHP, and JavaScript communities.

Beginning July 1, 2024, Drupal.org will discontinue patch testing and DrupalCI testing, mandating a shift to GitLab CI for automated testing. Contributors must switch from patches to merge requests by the specified date, marking a significant transition in the platform's testing framework.

We acknowledge that there are more stories to share. However, due to constraints in selection, we must pause further exploration for now.

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Thank you,

Kazima Abbas
Sub-editor, TheDropTimes.