Nicolas Loye (Nicoloye)

Nicolas is the French Drupal Association treasurer. He has joined the community in 2006 and is a Drupal enthusiast since then. He has participated in several community projects and initiatives. He is Chief Technology Officer at Smile. When he is not coding he likes any kind of game (board, card, tabletop roleplaying, etc) and spending some time with his cat.


At Smile, our motto is « keep it simple, useful and high performing. »Our company is made up of a team of experts focused on web architecture and open source solutions.Actively involved in the evolution of the internet since 1995, Smile has developed some of the largest French websites, and has been chosen by notable international groups to produce and maintain strategic Intranet applications serving hundreds of users for thousands of transactions.Thanks to continued investment in technological monitoring, Smile anticipates trends and masters products as soon as possible so that w...
L'association Drupal France et Francophonie
Missions"Drupal France & Francophonie" meaning "Drupal France and French Speakers" is a non-profit organization, founded in 2009 from the project to gather Drupal enthusiasts and, as a legal entity, help them to realize projects in all French speaking countries around the world.The goals of our association Promotion of education and training in the field of free and open source software, especially DrupalTranslating Drupal in FrenchFacilitation of eventsYou can meet us on Our website: drupal.frOur Slack Workspace: HERE (Almost French speakers only)

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