At Kalamuna, we craft and implement solutions to help institutions solve complex challenges and tell better stories that further their missions.

We work to empower, amplify, and support our client partner's purpose for being. Sometimes that means building awesome websites from the ground up. Sometimes that means nurturing digital ecosystems to help them continue to grow and adapt to the changing needs of organizations and audiences. Sometimes it means both.

From the deepest analytics strategy to the lightest design flourish, we seek to deliver value to people, and impact for organizations. We focus on inclusive and accessible outcomes, build consensus, and deliver sustainable technology solutions and content frameworks. We make great partners to universities, museums, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations; their missions inspire us, and this shows in everything we do. Whether it’s as a strategic advisor, technical partner, or design agency, we make our client’s mission our mission.

At Kalamuna, people are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re looking for partners who embrace curiosity, play, and provocation to solve problems. It’s this restless mindset that gets anything worth doing done. We have it and our clients have it. If you have it – let’s talk.

Drupal contributions

  • Created Panopoly News
  • Contribute to numerous modules in the Panopoly suite
  • Created Kalatheme (Bootstrap-based Drupal theme)
  • Creators of Kalabox, Drupal development workflow solution
  • Creators of Kalastatic, a prototyping, styliguide, and static site generator
  • Sponsors and organizers of Drupal events, namely the Drupal 6 funeral

6 supported contributor roles, 9 projects supported