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Educational qualifications officially make me a "manager" in finance and marketing, but my 25+ years of experience have mostly been in the world of IT. I started off with PHP in 2000 when OOPS was something people said when they made a mistake and not necessarily a"computer" term. I have a passion for development and just can’t keep my hands off of the code.

I am a self-taught Drupalist. I started working with Drupal in 2006, and have been in love with it ever since. Drupal has been my profession for the past ten (almost) years exclusively, so naturally, I have a vested interest in making Drupal a bigger success than it already is.

The best part for me about Drupal is not the actual code, but the philosophy behind Drupal.

I’ve been part of the Indian Drupal community as a developer, speaker, trainer, and mentor—and plan to keep on contributing back as much as I can. Living in Australia, I’m now also trying to participate in the Australian Drupal community.
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Salsa Digital
Salsa Digital is a digital agency focused on open source for social good and innovation. Salsa Digital has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Committed to the open-source movement and to the communities that form such an integral part of that movement, they are actively involved in both the Drupal and GovCMS communities at different levels, such as contributing back code and hosting Drupal meetups. Salsa Digital focuses mainly on helping the Australian government drive change, become more efficient and better engage with citizens and industry through their websites. Servic...

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