Discussions and Presentations at the Drupal Melbourne Meetup

The Drupal community is gearing up for another exciting meetup, Drupal Melbourne meetup is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM AEST. This virtual event will be conducted on Zoom and attendees are encouraged to participate by sharing their recent experiences during lightning 5-minute sessions or proposing topics of interest for further exploration and organization.

The upcoming Drupal meetup will be held on Zoom, offering a convenient and inclusive environment for Drupal enthusiasts to come together. Attendees can access the meetup by following the Zoom link

The session agenda for the meetup is yet to be confirmed. Drupal community members are invited to share their recent achievements, projects, or experiences during lightning 5-minute sessions. This provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to showcase their work, spark discussions, and gather feedback from the community.

Participants are encouraged to reach out to Suchi Garg via Drupal Slack if they are interested in presenting during the meetup. Lightning 10-minute sessions are also welcomed. Furthermore, attendees are invited to suggest any topics of interest for discussion, enabling the community to organize and explore those subjects during the event.

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