Darren Oh

Darren Oh is a senior software engineer at at Cognizant Softvision. He is  Drupal back end engineer. His specialty is integrating data from different sources. By participating in the Drupal community, he ensures that the companies he works for reap the benefits of the open source ecosystem.

Darren became involved with Drupal in 2005 because it was a free platform that provided a working site out of the box and could be extended with new features as needed. The fact that Drupal was usable immediately after installation allowed me to spend his time contributing improvements instead of figuring out how to make it usable. Most of Darren's work is freely available on Drupal.org, but he has also written custom code for clients and consulted on Drupal implementation. He currently works on projects for clients of softvision.


Cognizant Softvision
Transforming While Performing The Cognizant Softvision model is proven to help clients achieve digital transformation. Our Guilds are global teams with deep digital experience in their areas of expertise. Our delivery teams, called Pods, bring results and innovation to clients. Teams reside in our global Studios in eight countries bringing together the power of a network of connected communities. Finally, our partner ecosystem enables us to bring holistic end-to-end, innovation-driven solutions to clients. Together, these elements enable our communities and clients to transform wh...

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