Career Transformation: Cindy Garcia's Path from Biomedical Engineering to Drupal Web Development


The journey of Cindy Garcia as she transitions from biomedical engineering to web development and finds her calling within the Drupal community is described in the blog post "Cindy Garcia; Discovered Drupal, hooked a new career", written by Gwendolyn Anello

Cindy, a Florida International University graduate, initially worked in quality assurance engineering before deciding she was more interested in information technology, specifically web development. Her research brought her to Drupal, a platform that sparked her interest in a career in technology.

Embarking on an application architect program, Cindy delved into web development through WordPress, primarily as a site builder and SEO strategist. However, the limitations of WordPress steered her towards Drupal. Cindy's tenacity brought her to the Drupal Association's Discover Drupal initiative, followed by enrollment in DrupalEasy's 12-week Drupal Career Online certificate program.

Mentors, including Ryan Price, Darren Oh, Phil Frilling, Matt Obert, and Mike Anello shaped Cindy's growth and played pivotal roles during her Drupal journey. A strong advocate for community engagement, Cindy values networking, participation in virtual meetups, and attendance at DrupalCon events. Her advice to aspiring developers emphasises the importance of seeking guidance, nurturing a robust Drupal profile, and honing effective communication skills.

Beyond her professional strides, Cindy's dedication as a wrestling referee highlights her parallel pursuit of challenges and decision-making. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of genuine passion and unwavering commitment. As she forges ahead, Cindy envisions continued contributions to Drupal and further enrichment through global DrupalCon experiences. For a detailed read, visit the website.

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