Virtual Meetup of Drupal France and Francophonie on November 26

24 November, 2022

Photo from Drupal France and  Francophonie

Drupal France and Francophonie are welcoming Drupal enthusiasts on Friday November 26, 2022 for a virtual meet-up. This event will start at 7:00pm CET. Link will be available only to registered attendees.


  • 7:15 p.m: welcome-latest announcements from the association
  • 7:20 p.m- Session by Walter GOGUILLON
  • Questions and discussions.

Subject: TerMef term base and its complement for Drupal

So far about 15 attendees have registered and it will be hosted by Guest organizer Nicolas Loye, Marine Gandy, Floris Moriceau and Cellou Diallo.

TerMef is a terminological base that combines various terminological repositories maintained by different government departments in France. The project aims to enrich the French language. 

Main directorates of Economic and Financial ministries such as General directorate of public finances, National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies and General Directorate of Customs have their own terminological repositories. These are combined in the TerMef. 

This base is regularly enriched with an update after each new publication of lists of terms in the Official Journal and a continuous update by the management departments of a particular terminological repository.

For several months now, a TerMef add-on for Drupal has been available, allowing editors and site administrators to enrich their content with cartridges (“infoboxes”). These allow a visualization of the definition and the elements related to the chosen terms.

This add-in is available in the Drupal editor interface. Once downloaded and installed, the search for a concept then its insertion in the code of the page and the preview are immediate.

Video presentation of the TerMef add-in for Drupal.

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